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Although getting advice as early as possible is the best way to help stop any mortgage arrears from escalating, it’s not too late to save your home from repossession and losing everything. If your mortgage lender has already written to you to inform you that your mortgage is in arrears, or even if they have applied for a repossession court order, please don’t worry –House2Cash can help you avoid repossession and ensure you're cared for so you can start fresh without all the difficulties, worries and stress.

Alternatively, you can sell your home the traditional way to avoid repossession.  However, you need to be patient and have enough time as this process generally takes up to 14 weeks using estate agencies. Finding and appointing an agency, paperwork, advertising, viewings – this all takes time and can drag on. In addition to this, UK house sales are stalling, as the property market has become a buyer’s market.  The strict lending rules that recently came into effect and the uncertainty ahead of likely interest rate rises is having an impact on house sales. 

If you're considering to sell your home via the traditional way, please make sure you have enough time to sell as this may cause more complications and create more problems if your home is at risk of repossession. 

With an uncertain economy, the risk of house repossessions is a real threat to many households and families. If you’re facing repossession House2Cash can act very quickly to help you.

According to The Money Charity, 42 homes are repossessed every day in the UK. That’s one in every 34 minutes 20 seconds. High housing costs and a shortage of affordable homes are the main causes and it is expected that rising interest rates could result to even more repossessions.

The Charity Shelter free advice helpline takes more than 480 calls every day, from families fighting to stay in their homes looking for advice and help.

Although the media reports that the economy is recovering, families across the UK are still facing every day struggles to pay their bills. Usually, it only takes one event like a job loss or illness to push any one of us over the edge and put our home at risk.

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